About us

I can’t remember exactly when it started or where, but I guess it was how lots of breweries start…..a couple of mates musing over a pint of fine real ale in a local pub, staring incredulously at the bloke at the bar who has just ordered a pint of the dreaded ‘Smooth’ and both resisting a strong temptation to say something like ‘are you mad? Why are you drinking that stuff when you could be drinking proper beer?’
We thought wouldn’t it be great to have a go at making this stuff?
Next thing you know I’m down the home brew shop talking about malt and hops and mash tuns. 
We had a go one weekend. We had pans on the stove, kettles boiling, buckets everywhere and when it came to cooling…that was a challenge, specially at the height of summer.
Anyway to our surprise, what we had made turned out to be quite nice, and it was then when we said ‘hey wouldn’t it be good to be able to make a living out of making beer?’
Next thing you know we’re buying bigger pans and bigger pots and cooling became even more of a challenge.
Then we met this bloke…purely by chance. We were told ‘if you are making beer you want to talk to Dave…he knows everything about brewing beer!’
So there you go. The duo became a trio…..2 Bobs and Dave…………….